Child care support

Child care support

A child-care facility supports mother that "the garden of the child" acts

Our workplace has many females and this facility was opened to help working mothers. Employees on maternity leave can return to work when they desire as we aim to make an environment that is easy to work in. We support children who finish nursery early by offering temporary daycare. The children are looked after by our staff who are all qualified nursery teachers.


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A day at the nursery

Because of the small groups we are able to spend time with each child and adapt to the different ages and family circumstances.

We relay how each child’s day went in their nursery diaries.

We ask the children’s guardians to relay any concerns or anything else they are engaged with to us.

Twice a month for around 40 minutes we have a eurythmics teacher visit so the children can enjoy moving their bodies.

Address: 〒935-0023
8-75, Asahigaoka, Himi-shi, Toyama,Japan

Around 10

If there are spaces children whose guardians are not employees may also use the facility.

Times Workdays 7:45-18:00 (extended hours child care 18:00-19:00)
Fees Full-time fees
0 years old:\20,000/month
1 year old:\19,000/month
2 years old:\18,000/month

Temporary daycare
1 day (8:00-17:00) \3000
Half day (with lunch) \2000
Half day (without lunch) \1500
Hourly rate \700 /hour
Attire There is no uniform. Please use clothes appropriate to your child’s physical condition and the weather.

Dishes are provided by Takaoka school lunch center and are specifically for nursery children.

At 10am and 3:30pm there are snacks and milk.

Temporary child care

We can look after your child starting from one hour.
Please contact us before the day you wish us to look after your child and we can accept the child into our nursery.

On the day you wish to use the facility please fill out an application.


・Items to bring
Lunch box (rice only)
hand wipes
chopsticks, spoon, fork, etc
toothbrush set (brush, cup)
Cup (For drinking milk and tea)
A futon set for naptime (pillow not necessary)
A towel to use in place of a pillow (replace daily)

Hand towel with hook to hang it up
Change of clothes
Nappies/Wet wipes
Plastic bag (to put nappies in)

Ensure names are written on all items

・Temporary child care
Lunch box (rice only)
hand wipes
chopsticks, spoon, fork, etc
Bath towel
Hand towel
Change of clothes
5 nappies and wet wipes

Ensure names are written on all items

17-1, Asahigaoka, Himi-shi, Toyama,Japan


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